Small House

Maybe it’s because I studied Romantic Literature during my undergraduate days, maybe it’s just my curious nature or my unbridled attraction to nature which is exceedingly fundamentalist, I don’t know what spurred to tell Marylin that our honeymoon would be a romantic one that would take place on the sea.

“I want us to give birth to a mermaid,” I told her with the usual crimson spreading all over her face. I expected the same from her, and I got it.

“You have got brilliant lines, an exceptional Romantic poet, you’re.” She said with loud excitement that caused her to fold her fingers before she went wild while displaying how much my lines had captured her heart.

“But I am serious about this, were sleeping on water, a boathouse.”

“Boathouse? I’m getting confused right now.”

“Confused? Why?”

“You know why already, so don’t confuse me more, between your poetry and normal words, I rarely know the difference now.”

“You will soon.”

Finally, she could exercise some patience, and we went to the dock where a tiny boathouse which I had arranged with my friend, Friedrich, who helped to hire and bring it there. When we got to the dock, I didn’t tell her that we would be using the house, for that time though, we just stood near the water, and we’re talking. But her eyes kept perching on the house.

“You like it?”

“Of course! Urrgh!” It now occurred to her that it was what I had planned. I ran towards the boat, and she runs after me. We were as free as birds.

The front of the boat was big enough for a small party or to have some drinks outside. Inside, there was a well-furnished kitchen with sink, stove powered by gas whose container was attached to the boat outside and the white cabinets were sparkling. Marylin could not but love it, she hugged her chest and goggled her eyes. She screamed with excitement and hugged me as if to melt into me; she so much loved the inside of the kitchen. When she got to the bathroom, she watched in awe. Although the spaces we’re not too wide, we could live inside of the boat for life.

It was getting dark already, so I flipped on the light. Thanks were when she knew that we were already in the living room where there was a plasma TV attached to the wall, powered by solar. There was a refrigerator in the kitchen too, and it was powered by the same 264 watts solar system.

“You’re a crazy romanticist,” Marylin said as a matter of fact. She couldn’t believe that a man could go as far as doing this for her, after, according to her, she had had three consecutive breakups. She hugged me again and hung herself around my neck, and I could feel my hair rising. We kissed, and I dropped her gently as if she would break if I did it too hurriedly. I suggested that we watched NAT GEO, but she wanted some other thing. Although she didn’t say it, it was screaming in her eyes that TV was far from what she wanted.

I thought that she wanted us to play around the house, so I tickled her, and she giggled, looking straight into my eyes. The house was 24 feet wide and right and half feet wide and could allow just the two of us and perhaps a little son to live and play to a relatively satisfactory extent. She tickled me, and we started to tickle each other and ran around the boathouse until we were exhausted by our love play. We were already tired and hungry by the time we stopped, and I saw that we both needed to sleep. So I suggested that we go to the bathroom for a shower.

Well, she was really glad for the shower as there was a heater that heated the water. I think there is a small rank under the deck where the water was collected, even the excreta I passed should have been in the tank. Of course, those cannot go directly into the sea as you can collect from freshwater and use for, maybe a bath, after the water must have been filtered with the help of a functional filter. This means that you can take your bath with clean, fresh water without any reason to panic. The ceiling as many other parts of the boat is made of beautiful well carved would by a professional woodworker.

After the bath and all out on lovely shenanigans therein, we went to the living room where she kept holding and clinging to me like a starched shirt that has been drenched by rain. I had to beg her to let me perform another magic.

“See, just shut your eyes for a while and stand still, and this living room will convert to a bedroom just now.”

“No, is this a prank or you really mean it again?”

“I mean it!” I said, and she let me be, watching with eyes full of expectations.

“Shut those beautiful moons.”

I told her, and she shut her eyes smiling.

With the speed of light, I folded in the legs of the table and extended the top such that each extreme rests on each chair and I pulled some foam on the chair together and told her to open her eyes that she had shut with full trust.

“I love you! I love you! I love you in a million times.” She jumped at me and melted in a feminine, submissive manner. Even as she’s pregnant with our second baby now, she keeps referring to the water where I had sunk her in immeasurably deep love with me.

“My love genius!” She would refer to me like that sometimes. And she still does.

Maybe you can also try this with your wife or girlfriend or even a mother, make the experience a word different from the common one and they will forever appreciate it. Everyone needs something unique, try a tiny houseboat.